Since I was 3 years old, I always wanted to fly, so I guess you can imagine how riveted I was by the first Wingsuit video that I saw on YouTube. Since then, my desire to fly has only increased, so, to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to find out the easiest way that I could go Wingsuiting and post it here, so that we can all eventually do this!

Experience Needed

The first thing you need before you can Wingsuit is ‘flying’ experience. Most experts recommend at least 150 solo jumps before you attempt to use a suit, but this is a conservative amount considering others say a minimum of 500. When you have reached this level and become an ‘experienced’ flyer, you then need to find a teacher. There are a lot of academies that offer teaching but equally possible in the Skydiving is to take someone out for a drink in exchange for a lesson.

Places to Skydive

The best place for a Vancouverite is “Skydive Vancouver” in Abbotsford. They charge $150 for a dive from 5000 – 8000 feet, depending on your experience. Additionally, there are some well known Skydiving Academies in Canada and the USA that specialize in Wingsuiting. The Canadian one is called “Atmosphair Quebec” while the closes USA one is in California called “Westcost Wingsuits.”


The most important thing when you leave an airplane is a PARACHUTE. Pretty much all modern chutes are compatible with Wingsuits. My one recommendation is to choose a suit that has an easy opening. The opening is important because is usually defines how the chute flies, some are more aggressive and have a higher chance of spinning on opening.

You second major piece of equipment is a Wingsuit. TonySuit has a beginner suit for $850, but a good Wingsuit can cost up to $2,500. Additionally, you can rent only the suit from most Skydiving Academies for $30-$60 depending on this place. Note that this does not include coaching, briefing, monitoring, and additional equipment.

Cool Info

The coolest part about Wingsuiting is you can literally fly. The measurement is that every meter you drop you can move 2.5 meters forward, this is also known as a 2.5:1 glide ratio. Ultimately, this means that a 9000 feet freefall (3 km) you can cover around 7.5 km of distance.

So basically you need to be a good skydiver before you freefall Wingsuit. Once you have mastered both of these then you can BASE jump Wingsuit, which is where all the crazy YouTube videos come from. Good luck!



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